About Umjindi Jewellery

Our Past

PASTThe Umjindi Jewellery Project, as it was known, was established in Barberton, Mpumalanga in 2002. The purpose was to provide much needed skills to the previously disadvantaged youth in our community. Skills development and poverty alleviation are achieved through practical training and mentorship in a jewellery manufacturing programme. The project was funded with initial donor funds from the Local Economic Development Fund through Mpumalanga Provincial Government and Umjindi Local Municipality. On our growth path over the years we have had many sponsors – African Pioneer Mining, National Development Agency, Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and our current and most committed sponsor, Barberton Mines (Pty) Ltd.From our initial provision of skills in the manufacture of copper, brass and silver jewellery, which carried an in-house qualification certificate, we progressed to ISO 9001:2008 accreditation which is earned through the implementation of a quality management system. This achievement empowered us to apply for accreditation with the Mining Qualifications Authority to provide a learnership qualification recognized by the South African Qualifications Authority. We are situated in the same building as the Museum on Barberton’s Heritage Walk and most visitors to the town call on.

Our Present

Jewellery making skills are constantly being revised with new techniques and machinery. Our members of staff are subject matter experts in terms of technical skills, modern design skills and understands the requirements of the jewellery industry. A production team comprising of new employees and previous learners, employed through funding received from Barberton Mines are currently working at producing collections of commercially viable jewellery. The jewellery that we produce are all designed by us and are inspired by our local environment and people We use modern jewellery manufacturing processes involving Computer Aided Design but also have the old world skills of jewellery manufacturing and blend these together to form perfect jewellery items.

Our Future

Umjindi Jewellery is committed to the transfer of skills through job creation. By expanding our production team we enable more talented individuals to learn these precious skills through on the job training. The industry recognizes the importance of workplace experience when learning the trade. Once part of the production team an employee has the opportunity to progress within the workshop. Through this model Umjindi Jewellery is securing its existence into the future without the need for constant funding.

Affiliates of Umjindi Jewellery

Associations We Are Affiliated To

Mining Qualifications Authority – www.mqa.org.za
Jewellery Council of South Africa – www.jewellery.org.za